What method Powder metallurgy sintering

Powder metallurgy is made by producing powder, pressing molding, sintering, and post-processing, and sintering is one of the important processes of powder metallurgy. During the sintering process, powder particles must flow, diffuse, melt, recrystallize and other physical and chemical processes. The process further densifies the powder and eliminates some or all of its pores. There are also several sintering methods for powder metallurgy sintering. So, what are the commonly used sintering methods for powder metallurgy?

Powder metallurgy sintering methods usually fall into the following categories:

1. Liquid phase sintering

If there are two or more components in the powder compact, sintering may be performed above the melting point of a certain component, so a small amount of liquid phase appears in the powder compact during sintering.

2. Pressure sintering

During sintering, pressure is applied to the powder body to promote its densification process. Pressure sintering is sometimes synonymous with hot pressing, which is a process that combines the forming and sintering of powders to directly obtain products.

3. Activation sintering

Some physical or chemical measures are adopted in the sintering process, so that the sintering temperature is greatly reduced, the sintering time is significantly shortened, and the performance of the sintered body is improved and improved.

4. EDM sintering

When the powder body is formed and pressed, direct current and pulse electricity are applied to generate an arc between the powder particles for sintering; during sintering, pressure is gradually applied to the workpiece, and the two processes of forming and sintering are combined.

5. Powder solid phase sintering

A powder sintering method in which loose powder or compacts do not melt during the sintering process. Powder solid-phase sintering can be divided into two types: unit-system solid-phase sintering and multi-system solid-phase sintering according to the number of components.

The above is the introduction to the common sintering methods of powder metallurgy. Powder metallurgy sintering is a high-temperature treatment process that further combines compacts or loose powder bodies to improve strength and other properties.

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Post time: Mar-11-2022