MIM process and equipment

From the analysis of the process essence of MIM, it is currently the most suitable process for mass production of high melting point materials, high strength and complex shape parts. Its advantages can be summarized as follows:
(1) MIM can form various metal material parts with complex three-dimensional shapes (as long as this material can be made into fine powder). The density and performance of each part of the part are consistent, that is, isotropic. Provides a greater degree of freedom for part design.
(2) MIM can maximize the production of parts close to the final shape, with high dimensional accuracy.
(3) Even in solid phase sintering, the relative density of MIM products can reach more than 95%, and its performance is comparable to that of forging materials. Especially the dynamic performance is excellent.
(4) The price of powder metallurgy (PM) automatic molding machine is several times higher than that of injection molding machine. MIM can easily use a multi-cavity mold with high molding efficiency, long service life of the mold, and convenient and quick replacement and adjustment of the mold.
(5) The injection material can be used repeatedly, and the material utilization rate is over 98%.
(6) The product turns quickly. High production flexibility and short time from design to production for new products.
(7) MIM is especially suitable for mass production and has good product performance consistency. If the parts produced are selected properly and the quantity is large, higher economic benefits can be achieved.
(8) MIM has a wide range of materials and wide application fields. The materials that can be used for injection molding are very wide, such as carbon steel, alloy steel, tool steel, refractory alloy, cemented carbide, high specific gravity alloy, etc.

MIM device

According to the processing process of MIM, the equipment involved in MIM includes a mixing and granulating integrated machine, a special injection molding machine for Metal injection molding , a degreasing furnace, a sintering furnace, and various testing and secondary processing equipment.

MIM Device

Post time: Feb-18-2022