Let’s look at typical metal injection molding complex parts

MIM Components of eyewear


Spectacle frames have grown in popularity as a result of Metal Injection Molding‘s ability to provide previously unattainable design alternatives as well as cost-effective high-volume production.


The rotating MIM spring hinge depicted in Fig. 32 was a completely unique and revolutionary design that could not be produced inexpensively using other methods.


The hinge is made up of two revolving discs that swivel the spectacle temple with a spring effect at a 27° angle. These pieces are composed of 316L stainless steel, polished and nickel coated, and weigh 2.6 g.


Body of a tripod for photography made by metal injection molding PROCESS

For the top photography tripod producer, Lino Manfrotto + Co. SpA, Italy, these very large MIM pieces were fabricated in titanium for high-end models and stainless steel for regular versions.


Casing for the MIM guitar tuner


Maxon Motor GmbH in Germany designed and manufactured an automatic tuner for electric guitars.


The massive stainless steel body of the guitar tuner demonstrates MIM’s ability to achieve a high level of intricacy in a single piece.


Metal injection molding Complex shapes can be created economically by investing only once in a single mold, resulting in a quick ‘payback’ period.


Post time: Jun-15-2022